Dental implants for all your teeth

For denture wearers, using multiple dental implants to replace an upper arch, lower arch or even both arches can be life-changing...


Replacing all your teeth with dental implants

If you are missing all of your teeth and you are looking for an alternative solution to dentures, then dental implants may be the right choice for you. When all of the teeth are already missing the most common way of replacing such a large number of teeth is with conventional dentures. However, conventional dentures can be uncomfortable and make you feel self-conscious but with dental implants they look and feel like your own teeth.

It may be that you have a large number of failing teeth which need to be extracted and an interim measure of providing a conventional denture may still be required. This will form part of the overall dental implant journey. The immediate denture, which is placed at the time of teeth extraction will provide information on where the dental implants need to be placed and also give an idea of how the final restoration might look.


Fixed or removable

If all of the upper and lower teeth are to be replaced, then it is possible to use an entirely fixed reconstruction which does not need to be removed from the mouth. Alternatively, we can use a precision retained removable reconstruction which behaves in much the same way as a fixed bridge but enables us to replace bone (in the form of a denture flange) without having to get involved with bone grafting. For elderly patients and people, who might not be fit for a general anaesthetic, this is often a very satisfactory way of replacing a large number of teeth. Such a reconstruction will require some are between four and six dental implants to be placed as it is not necessary to replace every tooth with a dental implant.


As well as treating people who know what they need, many of our patients have very sensible questions they need answering before they decide to go ahead with treatment. If you are worried you may be about to lose all or some of your teeth, please talk to us. Acting quickly can often slow deterioration, and in some cases save teeth. Things are often not as bad as you think and we are always happy to discuss the range of dental implant solutions so you have all the information you need to make a decision


IMPLANT patients say

"Adrian is technically excellent. The result is treatment that is painless, feels good, looks right and works well."

- Derek, dental implant patient

"My husband went here for implants and it's fair to say the result was so good, Adrian (the implant surgeon) saved our marriage! 100% recommend."

- Zoe, wife of dental implant patient

"Thank you Adrian for all you have done. I am delighted with the result, the quality of the work is simply first class. The teeth are comfortable in my mouth, they look great, they look natural and people can't tell at all, they simply think I've got nice teeth."

- I Maddison, dental implant patient